Brad and Angelina Landis
General Information
Gender Male (Brad)
Female (Angelina)
Age 1 year old
Birthday 27 June, 2013
Address Manhattan
Family & Friends
Relationships Peach Landis (mother)
Mr. Landis (father)
Other Information
Series Information

Brad and Angelina Landis are the twin babies of Peach Landis and her husband. They are treated by their mother more like a fashion accessory than babies. They both turned one-year old during the first season.

Physical ApperanceEdit

As children of a fashionista, both babies are dressed in designer clothing. Peach claims that Angelina has a weight problem.


Brad and Angelina are the children of Peach and Mr. Landis. Not more extended family is mentioned so far.


  • Peach likes Brad more than Angelina.
  • According to Peach, Angelina has a weight problem.
  • They once got a spray tan, that made them look Lebanese.
  • They get baby massages.
  • They are addressed as "Brangelina".

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