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Caroline's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Caroline Channing in season one and season two, in 2 Broke Girls.

Season 1Edit

Caroline: "Oh My God you've been robbed."

Max: "This is how it always looks."

Caroline: "Oh My God totally cute."

Caroline: I only have what I could grab and I grabbed all the wrong things.

Season 2Edit

Caroline: Okay I'm over being jealous of them

girls continue laughing noisily

Caroline: Still? What are they sitting on, vibrators?

—Caroline, to Max about noisy girls

Caroline: This sloppy joe is the best worst thing I've ever eaten.

—Caroline, about Sloppy Joes

Caroline: Good news! I just found $3 in my pocket, and a peanut M&M so we don't have to spend money on dinner!

Max: Where is it, did it fall down? feels boobs

Caroline: Check your boobs that's where we found the remote.

And Too Little Sleep, Caroline about the lost earring.

Caroline: We have to go to that store where everything's free.

She and Max go to the kitchen

Caroline: Oh look it's open!

Max putting eggs in Caroline's bra

Max: Come here often?

Caroline: This is my first time.

Max: Well you're very pretty.

Caroline: Oh thank you.

And the Psychic Shakedown, Max and Caroline roleplay

Caroline: It's only a matter of time before we tell Anne Hathaway forget that fake smile and go wait in line like everybody else.

Caroline: And stop calling me spoiled. Since I lost it all I've worked hard. I've cleaned toilets, I've killed rats I've done everything I had to be a success, tell her Max.

Max: I got that boom boom boom, I got that boom boom boom

Caroline doing sign language as well Thank you very much but we're not interested. I speak a little sign language.

Joanne: You just said thank you very much but I'm not wearing underwear.

Caroline: I knew that tutor was screwing with me!

Max: And I'm the one not wearing underwear.

—Max, Caroline, Joanne

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