And the Big But 7
General Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Occupation(s) Student at the Manhattan School of Pastry
Pastry Chef at The High
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance And the First Day of School
Portrayer Patrick Cox

John, portrayed by Patrick Cox, is a recurring character on 2 Broke Girls. He is a student at the Manhattan School of Pastry, he shared a table with Max in And the First Day of School until she moved to sit next to Deke at the next table over. 



Physical AppearanceEdit

John is a large bald man with a beard. Like the other students, during class he wears a navy chef's shirt and hat. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

John is quiet and tends to keep to himself, but after Deke made a claim to Chef Nicolas that John was acting inappropriately to Max he spoke up and it was revealed that he is homosexual, also that he is more interested in Nicolas. 






  • Max nicknames him 'Big Mary'.
  • John used to be in the Ohio State football team.
  • John's parents are Mormons.
  • He has three older siblings, and all three of them are also gay.
  • John has a crush on Han.




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