Max's Apartment
Max's Apartment 4
Ground Floor
Max's Apartement is the apartment owned by Max Black that is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, three blocks from the Diner. She allows Caroline Channing to sleep there in the Pilot. Ever since then Caroline has been more than a guest but instead a roommate with her.


It has a living room with an open kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom with a tub on the right side. The backyard is used for Chestnut, Caroline's horse. It features various pieces of art, including drawings from Johnny. The apartment has a wall phone that Max refuses to answer for fear either of the landlord asking for the original tenant or of bill collectors. It is located on the ground floor, across the hall from a couple that seems to engage in S&M. Their upstairs neighbor is Sophie Kaczynski, a Polish businesswoman. The address is 262.


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