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Max's Homemade Cupcakes
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Max's Homemade Cupcakes is a cupcake franchise founded by, baker, Max Black and, business genius, Caroline Channing.


Max Black is a 20-something waitress going nowhere in life, but when Caroline Channing, a down-on-her-luck Wharton graduate, has all her money taken away due to a family scandal, the two young waitresses hatch a scheme to raise $250,000 to open a cupcake business and turn their lives around.

At first, they start with nothing, but eventually the business gets rolling, and they get their own website and a few cupcake jobs and put the money towards their goal.

[[Max's Homemade Cupcakes (shop)First Store

Before Max and Caroline bought the empty store, it was a soup kitchen - which had to be closed down after a mass murder happened inside. It was introduced in the episode And the Candy Manwich.

And Too Little Sleep Edit

Caroline gets a call to order for 1000 cupcakes and she agrees. As her and Max are so tired, their diner gang decide to help them.
Max's Homemade Cupcakes Closeup 3
Earl is on the batter, Max and Caroline are on the decorating part of the cupcakes and Oleg is in the baking night. They are using the diner because Caroline broke the oven in the kitchen. When they finish, Max tells Caroline she had lost her earring, and they suspect it's in the batter. Not being there, they assume its in the already-made cupcakes. They tear it up and find it's not there and they re-do it. Andy comes and helps and they finish it. They then get paid $4,000 and they go home to sleep.

And the Psychic Shakedown Edit

It is revealed that they steal things from the diner so that the cupcake shop can grow. They also use the rest of the diner gang to cover them up so they don't get caught.

And the Broken Hip Edit

Max renames cupcakes to attract 'hipsters' to come and buy things from the shop. It goes well because the shop is filled with people. Later on outside a puppeteer is repelling customers to come into the shop with his puppet, and for the good of the shop they tell him to go away. He then comes in and slips on a muffin and then breaks his puppet. He then files a lawsuit on the shop and they persuade him to drop the charges. Then they pay $1000 to stop him from pursuing it, and he leaves the case alone.

And Not-So-Sweet Charity Edit

Their cupcake shop closes in this episode. Which is a good things because then a car crashes into the shop.

Second StoreEdit

In And the Window of Opportunity Max and Caroline discover the diner has a back room, which has a window out onto the street. They have the idea to start up a walk-up window cupcake store and ask Han if they can have the room. He agrees and they open their new store in And the Soft Opening.

T-Shirt VentureEdit

After Max comes up with an idea for a t-shirt featuring a cupcake print on the front, and 'cream filled' on the back in And the Brand Job the girls start manufacturing the shirts to sell in an attempt to gain customers. After taking drastic action to be noticed, a high-end store in Manhattan begins to sell their shirts.

At first they can't find a factory to produce the t-shirts, and so Han has to produce them one-by-one by hand in their kitchen. Though they soon discover a place called 'American Ace', which seems too good to be true. And after an awkward misunderstanding - in which Max believes the workers are being held prisoner - the factory refuses to make their shirts. Since, they've found another place to have them made.

The shirts become so popular, two teenage girls copy their design and begin selling their own shirts. Max and Caroline are likely to lose the case should it go to court because the teenagers are from rich families. After Han stands up for the girls, while pretending to be their lawyer, the teenagers agree to stop selling them.

Max hands out free shirts to everyone in the building, with an edited text on the back with their business name. One of the residents is arrested when the police find out he's been holding women hostage. When he's brought out of the building he's wearing one of their shirts - leading to a lot of bad press, their factory refusing to print more, the store in Manhattan refusing to sell the shirts, and their shirt sales stopping completely.

Since the t-shirt venture failed, they've had an excess of shirts they can't shift. Some of these were used when Nancy gave birth in And the Fat Cat.

Business LoanEdit

After some convincing, Caroline gets Max to agree to apply for a business loan so they can mass produce their t-shirts. Both of them are surprised when they're granted $10,000 by the bank.

When their t-shirt venture fails, the two of them find that they're in debt and get third jobs at The High.

The CupcakesEdit

Max's Homemade Cupcakes makes some of the best quality cupcakes in Brooklyn. Max make the usual cupcakes like vanilla and chocolate but also developed some of her own flavors:

Regular CupcakesEdit

  • Lemon Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Purple Velvet
  • Rainbow
  • Coconut Coffee
  • Chocolate Curry
  • Blueberry Lemon Zest
  • Fudge Berries
  • Chocolate Espress

Max's Own CreationsEdit

  • The Salty and Spice Cupcake (For the more adventurous customer)
  • The Very Very Vanilla (For the uptight white people)
  • The Beer Batter Maple Bacon Spring Break Cupcake (For Stoners)
  • Chicken and Waffle Cupcake (The Ludacris Special)
  • The Earl (Delicious Dark Chocolate the ladies can't help but love)


  • In And the Pearl Necklace, the receptionist in Martha Stewart's office tasted it, and broke her tooth because she accidentally ate a pearl.
  • When they finish live filming an episode, they give the audience cupcakes to take home.

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