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Oleg's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Oleg in season one and season two, in 2 Broke Girls.

Season 1Edit

Oleg: I can be a girl's girl.

—Oleg to Caroline

Oleg: Hey Barbie

—Oleg to Caroline

Oleg: Hey sexy woman, you look so pretty today. You look so beautiful, I forgot how bad your personality is.


Oleg: Hot Food from a hot man


Oleg: Once you go Ukraine, you will scream with sex pain.

Oleg: Max, when I am thinking about having sex with you tonight, as always, this time I will ask you to stay.

Oleg: Do not tell me what to do. I was working here when you were still a dumpling on your father's chop stick!

—Oleg, about Han

Oleg: Just say it. Tampon, Tampon, Tampon. What's the big deal? In Ukraine, there are pop songs about it: She's so pretty, she's so crouchy...

Season 2Edit

Caroline: What do you do when a girl is choking?

Oleg: I just back up a few inches.

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