The sixth and final season of the sitcom as 2 Broke Girls premiered on October 10, 2016 and concluded on April 17, 2017, after 22 episodes.

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On March 25, 2016, CBS announced that 2 Broke Girls would return for a sixth and final season during the 2016–2017 television season. Source

The season premiere aired October 10, 2016, and the season finale aired on April 17, 2017.


# Image Title Airdate
01 And the Two Openings Parts One And the Two Openings: Part 1 October 10, 2016
As Max and Caroline, now part owners of the diner, put the finishing touches on their newly converted Dessert Bar, Max deals with the aftermath of her recent breakup with Randy, and Sophie and Oleg prepare for the birth of their baby.
02 And the Two Openings Parts Two And the Two Openings: Part 2 October 10, 2016
When Sophie goes into labor just before the Dessert Bar’s grand opening, she demands that Max and Caroline be present for the birth. Also, the girls run into problems when they don’t secure a liquor license for their new venue.
03 And the 80's Movie And the 80's Movie October 17, 2016
Max and Caroline’s plans to attract a more sophisticated clientele to their dessert bar take a turn when Max befriends a bouncer whose team of arm wrestlers becomes their latest patrons. Also, Max and Randy continue to text each other, but when she runs out of sexy messages to send him, Oleg offers to be her ghost writer.
04 And the Godmama Drama And the Godmama Drama October 24, 2016
Oleg and Sophie’s plan to have Max and Caroline as Barbara’s godparents is derailed when Oleg’s domineering mother, Olga, arrives from the Ukraine for the baby’s baptism and fires Max and Caroline from their godparent duties.
05 And the College Experience And the College Experience October 31, 2016
When Caroline and Max are invited to speak about their business at Caroline’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, Max takes the opportunity to give Caroline the college partying experience she never had. Also, Oleg’s attempts to bond with baby Barbara are rebuffed by a possessive Sophie, and Han practices his magic tricks with a reluctant Earl as his assistant.
06 And the Rom-Commie And the Rom-Commie November 7, 2016
07 And the Sophie Doll And the Sophie Doll November 14, 2016
08 And the Duck Stamp And the Duck Stamp November 21, 2016
09 And the About FaceTime And the About FaceTime December 5, 2016
10 And the Himmicane And the Himmicane December 12, 2016
11 And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles December 19, 2016
12 And the Riverboat Runs Through It And the Riverboat Runs Through It January 2, 2017
13 And the Stalking Dead And the Stalking Dead January 16, 2017
14 And the Emergency Contractor And the Emergency Contractor January 23, 2017
15 And the Turtle Sense And the Turtle Sense February 6, 2017
16 And the Tease Time And the Tease Time February 13, 2017
17 And the Jessica Shmessica And the Jessica Shmessica February 20, 2017
18 And the Dad Day Afternoon And the Dad Day Afternoon February 27, 2017
19 And the Baby and Other Things And the Baby and Other Things March 13, 2017
20 And the Alley-Oops And the Alley-Oops March 20, 2017
21 And the Rock Me on the Dais And the Rock Me on the Dais April 10, 2017
22 And 2 Broke Girls - The Movie And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie April 17, 2017

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# Recording Dates
601 August 9th 2016
602 August 16th 2016
603 August 23rd 2016
604 September 7th 2016
605 September 13th 2016
606 September 20th 2016
607 October 11th 2016
608 October 25th 2016
609 November 1st 2016
610 November 15th 2016
611 November 22nd 2016
612 December 6th 2016
613 December 13th 2016
614 January 2017


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On May 12, 2017, CBS canceled the show when there is no season seven. Source A combination of factors, including declining ratings, CBS's desire to have an ownership stake, and the network needing to clear space for three new sitcoms in the fall 2017 schedule, led to the show's demise.