• Asnow89

    Are you as excited for the Season 4 premiere of 2 Broke Girls as we are? To celebrate the premiere, host a viewing party and serve up some of these dishes inspired by the show. Enjoy!

    According to Caroline, Sloppy Joes are the "best horrible thing" that she's ever eaten. Dig into these messy burgers and enjoy!

    The first time the girls ever sold out at their shop was when they created Cake Fries. They had to compete with the cronut, so voilá! Fries dipped in frosting. Make these homemade cajun fries and if you're feeling bold, get a bowl of frosting to dunk them in.

    Whip up one of Max's signature cupcake recipes- The Beer Batter Maple Bacon Spring Break Cupcake ("For Stoners"). Cupcakes are one of the signature dishes in 2 Broke Girls so you c…

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