Caroline/Beth was involved in a dog attack! I got a report about it


Actress Beth Behrs called an animal control team to her apartment building in Los Angeles this week after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog.

The 2 Broke Girls star is said to have been walking her Yorkshire terrier, Betty, outside her home on Wednesday when another dog reared up at her and tore a chunk from her sweater. Behrs was shaken but unhurt, and she later called officers of Animal Control to report the incident, according to

Here's what happened ... building sources tell us, Behrs was with her Yorkie Betty when a neighbor approached while walking a large brown lab and a pit bull mix. It's unclear why, but we're told the pit reared up and attacked Behrs, tearing a chunk off her sweater.

The website reports the dog owner was handed a fine and ordered to keep better control of the pet.


I'm glad she's not hurt and only a bit of her dress got bit off. What do you think of this?

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